Wawa Rent Car (Rental for Vacation and Trip)


Car rental for vacation an trip
Choose destination for 330 cars in Bulgaria,693 cars in Crimea, 263 cars in Sochi, 73 cars in Kaliningrad, 862 cars Montenegro, 291 cars in Thailand, 96 cars Czech, 377 cars in Georgia, 652 cars in Cyprus, 1022 cars in Greece, 174 cars in UAE, 59 cars in Armenia, 1139 cars in Turkey

We never hide our prices, terms and conditions. No hidden fees or taxes. You can see the exact price that is not going to change in the process of booking.

Low deposits, In huge corporations, deposits may reach up to several thousand euro, which will be blocked on the client’s card after the car delivery. Our average deposit is €300, and we have plenty of car rental companies who do not require deposits at all.

Fair damage assessment, We assess damage in the presence of a client. Our prices are 2-3 times lower than in international car rental companies. And we never try to charge our clients for something after they have returned the car.

How to pay for car rental
When booking a car on our website, you see all the necessary information, such as the total order price, deposit amount, and technical condition of the vehicle immediately.

When booking, you only make an advance payment of 15%. You pay the rest when you pick up your car.
The deposit is paid by a personal credit card ONLY when you pick up the car and is returned in 30 days after you drop off the vehicle.

Picking up and dropping off a car, You can pick up or drop off the car at the airport or wherever it is convenient for you in the city.
Make sure you have a voucher (can be presented in electronic form), an IDP and a foreign passport.

Note all scratches and dents, if any, in the vehicle inspection chart. We recommend that you take photos or record video, just in case.
Read carefully and sign the rental agreement. Pay the rest of the rental amount and make a deposit.

The pick-up usually takes 15-20 minutes.
The drop-off is just as easy and takes about 10 minutes. Arrive on time, wash the car in advance, and do not forget about the fuel policy of the company.
Have a nice trip!

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